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15th Annual Workshop on

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry





Belleview Biltmore Conference Center

Clearwater Beach, Florida


workshop graphic bigApril  29- May 2, 2002










Organizing Committee:


Greg Gillen, NIST - Chairman

Steven Hues, Motorola - Chairman

Richard Lareau, Transportation Security Administration - Chairman

Technical Program


Text Box: Monday  Evening, April 29, 2002






7:00-10:15  PM  Opening reception, registration and exhibit setup


Text Box: Tuesday,  April 30, 2002





7:30 - 8:00 AM    Continental Breakfast


8:00 - 8:15 AM    Welcome and Introductions


Text Box: Plenary Session  (Chair:  Workshop Organizers)




workshop graphic big8:15 - 8:45 AM     Mass Spectrometry in the Marine Environment:  Attempting to Imitate Fish", Tim Short, Center for Ocean Technology, University of South Florida


8:45 - 9:15 AM     "A Microscopic View of Organic SIMS”,  Arnaud Delcorte, PCPM, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium


9:15 -10:15 AM “Near-surface and Interfacial B-Profiling: An (un)solvable Problem in SIMS  Wilfried Vandervorst, IMEC, Belgium


10:15 -10:45 AM                             Morning Break


Text Box: Advances in Semiconductor SIMS Analysis (Chair: Joe Bennett, International Sematech




10:45 - 11:05 AM                            “Improved Near Surface SIMS Characterization of Shallow Boron Implants into Si”, Temel H. Buyuklimanli, Evans East


11:05 - 11:25 AM                            Depth Scale Calibration Procedure for SIMS Analysis of Graded Si(1-x)Gex Heterostructures”, A. Budrevich, Intel Corp, Portland Oregon


11:25 - 11:45 AM                             “Arsenic Shallow Implant Characterization by Magnetic Sector and TOF-SIMS Instruments, D. Giubertoni, ITC-irst, Italy


11:45 -12:05 PM                             “Quantitative Considerations for the SIMS Analysis of SiGe Compounds”, Jerry Hunter, Accurel


12:05 - 12:25 PM                             “Comparative Study of Nitrogen and Oxygen Quantification in Oxynitride Films Using LEXES, SIMS and NRA Techniques”, C. Hombouger, Cameca, France


12:25 - 1:20 PM  Lunch

Text Box: SIMS for Isotopic and Geological Analysis (Chair: Albert Fahey, NIST)





1:20- 1:40 PM     "A Comparison of SIMS and LA-ICP-MS for Geochemical

Microanalysis: The Determination of Sr/Ca in Biogenic Aragonite", Graham Layne, Woods Hole


1:40- 2:00 PM     "Matrix Effects in Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Silicate Glasses by SIMS”, 

Erik Hauri, Carnegie Institution


2:00 - 2:20 PM    "The IMS-1270 at NIST: Delivery Experiences and an Initial Report of Measurements" Albert Fahey, NIST


2:20 - 3:00 PM    Afternoon Break


Text Box: Organic Analysis/TOF SIMS   (Chair: Michaeleen L Pacholski,  Rohm and Haas)




workshop graphic big3:00 - 3:20 PM    “Controlling Metallic Contacts to Self-Assembled Monolayers and Molecular Electronic Devices”, Amy  Walker, Penn State University.


3:20 - 3:40  PM   “Probing Lipid Diversity with Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass  Spectrometry”, Sara Ostrowski, Penn State University (student award winner)


3:40 - 4:00 PM    “Is Static TOF-SIMS Useful for Probing the Composition of Multicomponent Adsorbed Protein Films?”, Matt Wagner, University of Washington (student award winner)


4:00 - 4:20 PM    “Time-of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Conformational Changes in Adsorbed Protein Films”, Nan Xia, University of Washington (student award winner)


Text Box: 4:20 - 6:30 PM Free Time/Instrument Company Sponsored User Meetings




6:30 - 7:00 PM Social Mixer


Text Box: 7:00 - 10:00 PM                             Vendor Sponsored Banquet  and After Dinner Presentations 
Chairs: Fraser Reich, Kore Technology and Fred Stevie, NC State University









Microphotonics - “Design, Development and Applications of a Low-Cost Benchtop Imaging SIMS Instrument”, A.J. Eccles, Millbrook Instruments


Cameca Instruments


Evans Analytical Group - “SIMS Used as a Process Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool for Compound Semiconductor Epitaxial Growth, Temel H. Buyuklimanli, Evans East


Physical Electronics


Text Box: Wednesday, May 1, 2002



7:30 - 8:00 AM Continental Breakfast


Text Box: FIB SIMS / Secondary Ion Imaging (Chair: Greg Gillen, NIST)




8:00-8:30 AM      “A Review of Focused Ion Beam Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FIB-SIMS)”(Tutorial),  F. Stevie, North Carolina State University


8:30-8:50 AM      “Applications of a Novel SIMS-FIB Instrument in SIMS Image Depth Profiling”,  Greg McMahon, Fibics Corp, Ottawa, Canada


workshop graphic big8:50-9:10 AM      The Extension of Spectrum Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis in TOF SIMS to multiple dimensions”, Tony Ohlhausen, Sandia National Lab


9:10-9:30 AM      “Molecular Imaging Using Atomic and Molecular Primary Ions”, Ewald Niehuis, ION-TOF GmbH, Muenster, Germany


9:30- 9:50 PM     “Applications of Large Area Imaging by TOF-SIMS”,  Scott Bryan, Physical Electronics, Eden Prairie, MN


9:50 - 10:20        AM  Morning Break


Text Box: Vendor Technical Session (Chair: Fraser Reich, Kore Technology)





10:20-10:40 AM Physical Electronics  Comparison of TOF-SIMS and XPS for SiON Gate Oxide Metrology”, S. Bryan, Physical Electronics,  Eden Praire,  MN

10:40-11:00 AM Cameca Instruments   “Recent Results on the Cameca Nano SIMS 50: Cosmochemistry, Biology and Materials Application”, Francois Horreard, Cameca, Courbevoie, France


11:00-11:20 AM                              ION TOF -


11:20-12:00 PM SIMS Workshop Business, ASTM Meeting, Planning for SIMS XIV

Site selection for upcoming years, ASTM SIMS meeting, report on new management company, next international SIMS conference, SIMS Listserver and WWW page.



12:00 – 1:00  PM    Lunch


Text Box: Depth Profiling/Quantitative Analysis 1   (Chair: Richard Lareau, TSA)




1:00-1:20  PM     Characterization of Advanced CMOS Process with Reverse SIMS Profiling”, J.J. Lee and Jack Jiang, Motorola, Austin, Texas


1:20- 1:40 PM     “Investigation of Copper Diffusion through Ta and TiSiN Barriers using Frontside SIMS after Chemical Etching and Backside SIMS”, Joe Bennett, International Sematech, Austin, Texas


1:40- 2:00 PM     “Reference Samples for SIMS: Reduced Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition as an Alternative to Molecular Beam Epitaxy,  F. Laugier, CEA-DRT, Grenoble Cedex, France


2:00- 2:20  PM    'Nitrogen Depth Profiling in 1.5-3 nm Silicon Oxynitride Films Using SIMS with Oxygen Bombardment”, Marc Juhel, STMicroelectronics,  France


2:20-2:40 PM      “Quantitative Measurement of Si Interstitials in a Si/SiGe:C System for Boron Diffusion Analysis Using SIMS”, Temel H. Buyuklimanli, Evans East

workshop graphic big

2:40-3:10 PM      Afternoon Break


Text Box: Organic SIMS Fundamentals (Chair: Steve Hues, Motorola)




3:10-3:40 PM      “Unraveling the Puzzle: Recent Insights from the keV Cluster Bombardment of More Realistic Model Systems of Organic Targets” (Tutorial), Kristin Krantzman, College of Charleston


3:40- 4:00 PM     “Secondary Ion Emission from Thick Organic Films: Influence of Primary Ion Bombardment Conditions”, Birgit Hagenhoff, TASCON


Text Box: 4:00- 5:20 PM  Poster Session




1. “Bevel Depth Profiling SIMS of Oxidized AlGaAs Superlattice Samples",

Greg Gillen, Albert Fahey and Scott Wight, NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland


2. “Preliminary Evaluation of Positive Secondary Ion Yield Enhancements Using Chlorodifluoromethane Backfilling”, Peter Chi and Greg Gillen, NIST,  Gaithersburg, Maryland


3. "TOF-SIMS of High Explosive Particles”

Sonya Roberson and Greg Gillen, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland


4. “SIMS Analysis Reproducibility Using SC-Ultra 300 Magnetic Sector Instrument”,

M. Barozzi, ITC-irst, Italy


5. “The Effects of Rapid Thermal Processing on Boron and Arsenic Implants in n-type Germanium Substrates”, Jim Christiansen, Motorola


6. “Improvement of  Detection Limit for Residual Gas Species”,

A. Pivovarov,  North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


7. “Low Energy Electron Ionization of Gaseous Ions”, S. Mayhew, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


8. “How Can the Relaxation Process of the Excited Electronic Subsystem in a Solid Affect the Ionization Probability of Sputtered Atoms?”, Sergey Belykh, University of Antwerp, Belgium


9.  “Emission of Doubly Charged Ions Under the Bombardment of Silicon by Heavy and Light Molecular Projectiles”, Sergey Belykh,  University of Antwerp, Belgium


10. “Si-Ge Interactive Reference Materials”, David Simons, NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland


11. “The Dependence of the Amount of Cs retained by Si (100) during sputtering on the Cs+ incident Energy and Angle”,Corina Lupu, University of Houston  (student award winner)


12. “The Determination of Grain Boundary Diffusion Using SIMS”, Steve Schwarz, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida  (student award winner)


13. "Energy Distributions of Cluster Ions Sputtered from Alkanethiol Layers",

B. Arezki, A. Delcorte and P. Bertrand, PCPM, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

14. “Towards Application-Specific SIMS Instruments” or “Why SIMS Instruments Always go up in Price”, Fraser Reich, Kore Technology, LTD

15. “Low Energy Ion Implantation of Wideband-gap Semiconductors for Improved Resistance Ohmic Contacts”, M.C. Wood, Army Research Laboratory

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6:00 — 10:30 PM                             Boat Cruise

Buses will begin departing the Hotel at 6:00 PM


Text Box: Thursday,  MAY 2, 2002



7:30 - 8:00 AM    Continental Breakfast


Text Box: Advances in SIMS Instrumentation Analysis   (Chair: Peter Williams, Arizona State )




8:00- 8:30 AM     Design Considerations for TOF-SIMS Instruments”,

                             (Tutorial)  Bruno Schueler, Physical Electronics


8:30- 8:50 PM     “Gas-Cluster Ion Beam for SIMS Analysis of Thin Films”,  D.B. Fenner and Y. Shao,  Epion Corp.


8:50-9:10 PM       “Miniature electron flood gun for an ion trap secondary ion mass spectrometer”, A.D. Appelhans,  Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory


9:10- 9:40  AM    Morning Break



Text Box: Quantitative Analysis by SIMS (Chair: Jerry Hunter, Accurel)




9:40-10:00 AM   “Quantitative Study of Oxygen Enhancement of Sputtered Ion Yields 1: Experimental Results, Klaus Franzreb, Arizona State University

10:00-10:20  AM “Quantitative Study of Oxygen Enhancement of Sputtered Ion Yields 2: Theoretical Implications”, Peter Williams,  Arizona State University

10:20- 10:40 AM                             Sputter Rate Variations, Surface Roughening and Cs Retention Occurring During the Sputtering of Silicon with Cs+ Primary Ions”,  P.A.W. van der Heide,  University of Houston


10:40-11:00 AM                              “Absolute Dose Quantification of Arsenic Shallow Implants by the LEXAS Technique”, C. Hombourger, Cameca

workshop graphic big11:00-11:20 PM “Accurate Measurement of SiGe Based Structures with Magnetic Sector SIMS Instruments”, A. Merkulov, Cameca Instruments

11:20-11:40 PM “Quantification of Al in GaN by SIMS Analysis”, J. Gu, NC State University  (student award winner).              


11:40 PM             Closing Remarks




The Annual Workshop on SIMS gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following companies through the sustaining members program.





Sustaining Members/Exhibitors


workshop graphic bigCharles Evans and Associates

Physical Electronics




Cameca Instruments







The following corporate sponsors have graciously helped to sponsor the Workshop’s welcome reception and lunches.


Cameca Instruments


Physical Electronics



This workshop is co-sponsored by:


National Institute of Standards and Technology


Transportation Security Administration

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