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Registration Form

Conference and Vendor REGISTRATIONS  

Affiliation, Company or Institution
Street Address
City, Province/State, Postal/Zip
and Country
Telephone & Fax

17th Annual Conference Registration

Conference Registration for the Sims 17th Annual Workshop 
Review Conference Registration Information (opens a new window)
Regular Registration, $385US
Prior to april 16, 2004
Late Registration $485US
after april 16, 2004


GUEST TICKETS Off-site Function

Workshop Banquet $55 each
Enter Number of Tickets
Off-site function $50 each
Enter Number of Tickets

Sustaining Vendor Member
Review Benefits
(opens a new window)  
Exhibiting Vendor Member
Review Benefits (opens a new window)
Vendor Presenter
Review Benefits (opens a new window)
Workshop and Session Sponsor
Review Benefits (opens a new window)

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For applications and information on these, please check 
the block above. Contact the SIMS Workshop at 888-396-8620.

Call For Papers / Abstracts
Review Call for Papers Information (opens a new window)

I am submitting an Abstract AND

I prefer a Poster
I wish to be considered for an oral presentation
If the Presenting Author, Affiliation or Contact Information is different from the Registration information you provided above, enter the different information here.

Billing Information

Paying by Mail, Fax, or Telephone 

Paying by Credit Card ONLINE (See the next screen for credit card payment.)
Note: You will get an email confirmation.


Please make sure the information you provided is correct. CLICK ONLY ONCE.  You will receive a letter confirmation.

You may send your check or money order to The Annual Workshop on SIMS, P.O. Box 1480, Edgewater, Maryland 21037-7480 USA.

You may call in your credit card information to 888-396-8620.

Send to: SIMS Workshop
Post Office Box 1480
Edgewater, MD 21037-7480 USA Fax: 410-798-9556



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