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To register by Phone, Fax, or Mail use the PDF version.

CLICK to go to our agenda page.
CLICK to go to our hotel and local information page.
CLICK for complete conference information, including registration and payment.
VENDORS Please CLICK here to go to the SIMS vendor page.
CLICK to go the CALL for PAPERS page.  Information on developing and submitting your abstract.
CLICK for the student award page.  STUDENTS, please review the information on this page.
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Conference Registration

Please complete the form below to register for the SIMS Conference.

  Early Registration, NOW Extended to
  April 18,
  Late Registration, after April 18, 2005

Guest Tickets, Banquet, $55.00USD each
Guest Tickets, Off-Site Function, $55.00
USD each

Your contact information.

 First Name

 LAST Name  

 Mailing Address Mailing Address 2  
 City State Zip Code
Telephone Number Fax Number Email Address
Affiliation, Company  Country

Early Registration, 
Prior to April 18, 2005
Late Registration, 
After April 18, 2005
$385USD $485USD
Guest Tickets, Banquet Guest Tickets, Off-Site
Yes, $55 each  
Enter Number of Tickets
Yes $55 each
Enter Number of Tickets
Are you submitting an abstract?
Yes    No

This graphic starts the billing section.

Click here if paying by-
 -Issuing a Check 
Using a Government Credit

-Using a Personal Credit Card
  BUT NOT online

Or Click Here If Paying  Online by-
Personal Credit Card
-Non-Government Credit Card







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