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Postdoctoral Position in Low Energy Ion Scattering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA

Close Date:  Open until Filled
Prof. Bruce E. Koel Department of Chemistry, and Center for Advanced
                   Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN)
                   6 E. Packer Ave., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015-3172
                   (610) 758-5650 Fax (610) 758-6555


We expect to announce shortly an opening at Lehigh University for a new postdoctoral research scientist position to assist in operating a new instrument and conducting research using low energy ion scattering  (LEIS) for investigating surfaces and interfaces.  LEIS is extremely surface sensitive, providing elemental  and structural characterization of the top atomic layer.   We are in the midst of acquiring a new ION-TOF Qtac100 high-sensitivity low energy ion scattering  (HS-LEIS) system for installation during the coming year.  The instrument includes the Calipso LEIS  analyzer in the main chamber, a sample introduction system with sample transfer, microwave plasma  source for atomic O/H used for sample pretreatment, and sample heating and cooling. In addition, we will  add an integrated high-pressure pretreatment/reaction chamber and multiple sample capabilities.  

This will be the first such system in the U.S.  This next-generation instrument has been developed to  include small spot analysis, surface imaging, and both static and dynamic depth profiling. Key features  are: 3000 times higher sensitivity than conventional LEIS instruments; quantitative elemental  characterization of the topmost atomic layer; spectroscopy; time-of-flight mass filtering for improved  sensitivity to low-Z elements such as carbon; and analysis of rough and non-conductive materials.  Primary job responsibility will be to operate the new instrument and assist surface science  investigations using this instrument.  The position will play a key role in an emergent theme at Lehigh on  Designed Active Interfaces, referring to surface phases that undergo dynamic molecular and/or electronic  structural transformations when placed in reactive environments.  Research is proceeding in three primary  thrusts: heterogeneous catalysis, optical and biosensors, and new functionality glasses. The new HS-LEIS  system can analyze a broad range of samples, including metal single crystals, semiconductor wafers,  powders, insulators, glasses, polymers, biomaterials, and rough samples, and analysis can be carried out at  high temperatures. Clever design of this instrument also enables depth analysis with extreme resolution  (layer-by-layer) up to a depth of 10 nm, charge compensation for insulators, sample heating in controlled  environments, and secondary electron imaging.  

We are seeking outstanding individuals to join a highly interdisciplinary group. Good communication  skills and the ability and willingness to work with colleagues in different disciplines are important. Some  preference will be given to applicants with thesis work using LEIS or other ion-based spectroscopy. A  Ph.D. in Physics or Chemistry is desirable. The initial appointment is for one year, renewable for one or  more years. Salary and conditions are very competitive.  This position carries an expectation of collaboration with members of the surface science and catalysis  groups at Lehigh, particularly that of Prof. Koel using a wide range of surface analytical and imaging  techniques. 

Use of the Scienta ESCA-300 facility at LU is also expected, which is generally regarded as  one of the best XPS instruments in operation today, using a 7.5-kW rotating anode source of  monochromatic Al Kα x-rays, and is the only instrument of its kind in the U.S. Interactions are also  possible in the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN) at LU. This is a highly  interdisciplinary environment of scientists and engineers conducting research in advanced materials and  nanotechnology. 

CAMN webpage:  

Please e-mail resume with addresses (preferably e-mail) for 3 references to:  

Prof. Bruce E. Koel  
Department of Chemistry, and Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN)  
6 E. Packer Ave., 
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3172
(610) 758-5650 Fax (610) 758-6555 








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