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Listing of Sites where Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry is a primary focus. Commercial sites are included if they contain useful practical information about SIMS. Full vendor contact information can be found in the vendor directory. If you have a site you would like to have included in this list, please contact us.

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SIMS Related Sites

Mass Spectrometry Links:

Links Related to Semiconductor Characterization:

  • Ion Implantation - used to alter the surface properties of semiconductor materials, CASE Technology, Inc.

Standards Organizations:

Electronic Library Resources:

Chemistry Resources:

SIMS Tutorials

  • Surface Analysis Tutorials A collection of tutorials on SIMS written by Ron Flemming formerly of Charles Evans and Associates At present they are targeted at the college undergraduate to graduate level, but may appeal to anyone with some physical science background.

Mass Spectrometry

Semiconductor Tutorials


Vacuum Systems

Surface Chemistry

  • Surface Chemistry Course written by Dr. Roger Nix, Department of Chemistry, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London

SIMS Books

A number of SIMS book titles are available on the internet. The listing below can be found at Barnes and Noble or

  • SIMS Software Archive

    The following is a list of shareware and freeware which we believe to be of interest to the SIMS community. We are particularly interested in instrument control and data reprocessing software written by SIMS users that may not be available anywhere else. Other types of information such as mechnical drawings, ion optical simulations of SIMS instrumentation and sputtering simulation programs would also be welcome. If you have material you would like to include in this archive, please email us

    Software Disclaimer: We make no guarantee about the suitability or the accuracy of the information or the programs listed in this archive. We are not responsible for any problems which running or downloading this software causes. We are not aware of any virus containing programs, but all programs downloaded from here or elseware should be examined carefully for viruses.

    Image Processing Applications

    • MacLispix
      This is another Macintosh-based image processing program written by Dave Bright at NIST. Dave works closely with SIMS researchers at NIST and his software can directly import CE&A image files

    Sputter/Ion Implantation Simulations

    • The Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter (SRIM-also known as TRIM)SRIM, written by James F. Zieglers, calculates the energy loss of ions in solids, liquids and gases. This physics is combined with kinematic physics to calculate the transport of energetic ions in matter, including the transport of recoil atoms after ion/atom collisions. It can be used to predict energetic ion ranges in matter, ion transmission and reflection from matter, and the similar distributions for recoiling target atoms.
      This package is a DOS package, and is simple to install in all DOS based systems.


Miscellaneous SIMS Links

Title:  Aire Cell Cleanrooms
Cleanroom design, fabrication installation and cleanroom certification.  We install modular and softwall cleanrooms and sell cleanroom supplies and accessories.

Title: Chemistry Guide
WWW Chemistry Guide - comprehensive and evaluated guide to web sites
related to chemistry and the chemical industry. Its mission consists
in collecting and independently annotating all useful chemistry sites.


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